September 25, 2015

Billboard Advertising versus Printed Coffee Sleeves

Advertising your cafe is essential for success. There are many different ways that you can put the name of your business out to the world, but each come with their own pros and cons. As your business grows, you will want to look into multiple different marketing mechanisms so that you are able to reach your optimal level of success.

One of the most popular advertising methods that business owners use is the billboard. This is a very traditional structure is a great way to bring in customers, but did you know that printed coffee sleeves are a formidable marketing rival? When considering advertising methods, look at the pros and cons of all techniques. Here are two head to head: billboard advertising versus printed coffee sleeves.

  1. Cost

Buying a billboard as cafe advertising can be effective, but this method of advertising can also be very expensive. When you are starting or promoting a business, you will want to save money in all areas in which it is possible. Printed coffee sleeves are incredibly inexpensive compared to billboards. This is a great way to promote your cafe without spending a huge amount of money. Of course, as customers roll in and your business grows, both investments can yield a positive return.  

  1. Audience

When deciding how to promote cafe marketing, you should take a moment to consider your target audience. Who are you trying to attract to your business? Where do these people work, drive and what is appealing to their wants? A billboard can be put out and will be seen by a large group of people who are driving along their way, but it will take multiple billboards to reach different areas.

Printed coffee sleeves will easily reach different areas of your city. Just as seeds float across a region on the wind, people will carry your label throughout the area on their cups. Your product will sell itself without you having to make a huge financial investment to reach your target audience: those who love a good cup of coffee.

  1. Changing Your Scheme

One of the great things about printed coffee sleeves is that they can be easily customized and redesigned if you would like to change your logo. You can even change the image to match the current season. This will be appreciated by your customers. Billboards are a great way to advertise, but they cannot be easily changed without having to spend a large amount of money.

In conclusion, both billboards and printed coffee sleeves are great investments to make to advertise your business, but coffee sleeves have many benefits that outweigh those of a single billboard. If you would like more information, visit our shop by product page or contact a representative with Your Brand Cafe today.
September 16, 2015

Tis the Season To Order Holiday Printed Cups

Bringing in loyal customers is not hard when you are serving a great product in a welcoming environment, but marketing your brand can increase your clientele tremendously. You could make a funny commercial or pass around colorful flyers that highlight your food and drinks, but that kind of marketing can get very expensive, requires a lot of personnel and could take a good amount of time to be effective.

A great, inexpensive way to market your brand is to put your label on sleeves and cups. As customers carry these items out of your establishment, others will see your logo and possibly be inspired to give your cafe a try. Themed cups can bring in even more clients who love your creativity. Now is the time to think about ordering your holiday coffee cups. 

Spread the Holiday Cheer

People seem to have a heightened sense of morale as the holidays approach. Seeing holiday themed logos and decorations often provide people with an uplifted spirit. This feeling of joy is great for business, especially when it is your cups that are spreading the cheer. Customers will look forward to going back to your cafe and buying your brand. People appreciate those who promote a cheerful spirit throughout the holiday season.

Reach Out to Multiple Customers

The holidays are for all people, and individuals and their families to celebrate in many different ways. You can use holiday cups to promote inclusion and equality, which customers will appreciate. Reaching out and wishing everyone happy holidays is great for business and will draw in clientele from all walks of life.

Cups are Cheap

Cups are one of the cheapest ways to market your brand. As your customers carry these cups out of your cafe, the festive holiday design will catch the attention others and cultivate interest in trying your business. Making wise investments in marketing is essential to the continued success of your cafe. Holiday cups are one of the best and most useful investments that you can make for marketing your brand. You will be buying cups anyway; buy cups that will play to your advantage.

Give Yourself Time to Design

Now is the time to think about ordering your holiday cups. You will need time to design your images and logo or decide on one of our stock holiday designs. Fall is already on the doorstep; the holidays will be here before you know it.

Use your cups to your advantage this holiday season and promote your cafe with easy marketing. For more information, visit our shop by product page or contact a representative with Your Brand Cafe today.   

Marketing Advantages of Custom Printed Plastic Cups

Advertising is very important to building a thriving business. There are many different methods of marketing, but each come with their own pros and cons. Of course, all business owners would love to make a great commercial that drew in hundreds of eager customers, or place a colorful, eye catching billboard on the busiest highway in the city, but more often than not these methods are not feasible.

This is when owners of businesses are encouraged to think outside of the box and use other techniques to bring their brand to the masses. One simple, yet innovative, advertising method for restaurants and coffee shops is using custom printed plastic cups. Though some are skeptical, these powerful marketing tools are a great investment.

Here are some of the marketing advantages for custom printed plastic cups:

  1. Inexpensive, Yet Effective

When compared to other popular marketing methods, custom restaurant supplies cost only pennies on the dollar. This is a great perk financially for your business, especially if you are just starting out or on a tight budget. Other methods, such as billboards or ads, can be a huge expense. Advertising is essential if you want your business to grow, but wise investments are also critical to creating a brand that lasts. Custom printed plastic cups are an investment that will certainly yield a great return. 

  1. Huge Reach

Your custom printed plastic cups do not end their marketing effectiveness in the hands of the customer that has purchased a beverage. In fact, the journey is just beginning when your customer walks out of your door. Every step made with the simple, plastic cup that is boasting your logo has the potential to bring more customers to your establishment.

People will see your brand and be inspired to try it out. Others will notice the logo and start conversations with the customer who purchased the beverage, asking about their experience. The potential is endless from a marketing standpoint. Even when the cup is thrown into the garbage, it will still have the ability to advertise your brand to passersby. Think of the numbers: Your logo could reach hundreds of people for mere pennies.

  1. One Word: Customize

One of the best features of plastic cups is that they can be easily customized and redesigned. You can order a different design for each season, during a sale, to promote a new product or even to change your logo to something new and more effective. This ability to customize is not something that should be understated. You cannot easily change the appearance of any other form of advertising without spending a large sum of money.

There are many benefits to investing in custom printed plastic cups that should be considered when deciding what marketing methods are best for your business. For more information, visit our product page or contact a representative at Your Brand Cafe today.
July 02, 2015

Are You Ready For Festival Season?

Your business logo is a powerful tool when it has a pervasive and consistent presence. You use it in your print ads, digital ads, and social media campaigns. It is on signs, t-shirts, and stickers. But have you considered that as a craft brewer you have a unique advertising tool right in the palm of your hand?

Your cup.

By presenting your specialty beer in a cup featuring your logo, you are doing more than promoting your company – you are proving to your customers that you are proud of the product you serve. The simple addition of your logo onto each cup for festivals gives you the ability to jump-start an advertising campaign that will keep business booming. With branding comes confidence and the knowledge that you are serious about providing the very best to your customers.

The summer and fall are full of outdoor activities, sporting events and festivals – all places that glass just can’t go - so use these occasions to brand your brew. The best way to advertise cost effectively is through word of mouth and what better way to get the conversation going than with your branded product circulating through events and festivals.

We have all been in the position of starting out and not knowing exactly how to create that key element of brand recognition. Of knowing how to differentiate yourself from the other guys. Brand recognition is what separates you from the competition – it’s the reason customers choose your brand over anyone else. So make sure they know who you are. When your customers take that first sip of your brew they should be reminded of the brewery that sold it to them and, more importantly, show others where they just made a purchase. 

Let us help you put your product to work with all the festival supplies you need!

May 08, 2015

How the Frozen Yogurt Industry Has Mastered Branding

American food crazes work in boom and bust cycles. Over the past half-century, our palates have experienced dozens of culinary fads like Jell-O, sushi, and fondue. All of these foods are certainly eaten today, but they owe their popularity to mostly short-lived fads that exploded into the market.


Today, we find ourselves in the midst of another trend in American cuisine – self-serve frozen yogurt. Of course, we all remember TCBY popularizing the dessert in the 80’s, but the 2000’s have reinvented frozen yogurt as we know it.

No more are the days of waiting in line for an employee to scoop yogurt for you. Today’s dessert shop is a wonderland of sweet-toothed ingenuity. Simply pick up a cup and begin crafting your own dessert creation, mixing and matching flavors and topping it all off with your favorite sprinkles and candies.

What a tame idea it might seem to integrate the idea of self-service into frozen yogurt, but this industry has taken our collective appetites by storm over the past decade. From college towns to big cities, frozen yogurt shops are popping up at every street corner.

To put the popularity of frozen yogurt (or “froyo”) into perspective, the industry pumps out nearly $2 billion in revenue each year. What’s more is that these businesses report a combined 130 million servings annually – that’s more than 1/3 of the entire US population buying frozen yogurt at least once a year.

It’s even more important to note that the industry has grown by 22.7% since 2009, fueling the expansion of nearly 400 independent frozen yogurt chains.

Despite the thousands of froyo franchises that exist, there is surprisingly little variation from one store to the next. They serve a nearly identical product, yet they are somehow able to capture a group of devoted customers.

Why is frozen yogurt so popular and how are businesses setting themselves apart from the rest? The answer lies in branding.

With oddly similar names like Yogurtini, Yogurtland, and Yogurt Mountain, there is immense competition in the frozen yogurt industry. Businesses need a creative way to help customers remember their name and forge a sense of brand loyalty. But in a niche market that doesn’t offer much proprietary value, brand recognition has been especially difficult.

While frozen yogurt shops might be similar in name, they distinguish themselves with unique logos and slogans. So, by printing their distinctive design on the side of a paper dessert cup, these companies have conjured a simple solution to their branding needs.

In essence, these paper cups are nothing special. The white, double poly-lined containers are manufactured by the thousands, compiled into stacks, and sealed in a plastic bag. But, as soon as they’re printed with a store’s logo, they become a powerful marketing device associated with a specific brand.

We know that people crave frozen yogurt, but why should they choose one brand over another?

The average consumer can’t taste the difference between your vanilla flavor and the competitor’s. They probably don’t even care too much about what toppings you do or don’t offer. The product itself clearly isn’t what is being sold – it’s the brand that customers are buying into.

Developing a frozen yogurt brand doesn’t happen overnight though, and it all started with those little paper cups. As the frozen yogurt industry began taking off in 2007, businesses recognized that the best way to build their brand was displaying their logo on simple items like napkins, cups, and straw wrappers.

The idea is that whenever someone is carrying a cup with your logo, they’ll start casual conversation with a potential customer. As soon as froyo-touting customers leave your store, they become mobile advertisements for your brand, showing friends and family where they just bought a delicious treat.

According to Neal Ballard, the owner of an independent yogurt franchise in Dayton, Ohio, “most of our sales come from word-of-mouth.” Tim admits that he faces enormous competition even within a few blocks of his own store, so the secret to his success has been an active social media campaign called “What’s in Your Cup?”

Every week, customers submit photos of their favorite frozen yogurt creations and Neal’s team selects a winner for a $15 gift card. Every time someone tweets a froyo picture, they are inconspicuously advertising Neal’s company all over Facebook and Twitter.

As Mr. Ballard puts it, “it’s a win-win… We get tons of free advertising and somebody else gets free yogurt.”

Neal’s business plan is based on brand recognition, asking customers to share why they love his product. People began recognizing his logo not only as a frozen yogurt shop, but as a social media craze, as well. Within two years, Neal was already opening up another store across town.

While branding takes many forms, it is a business imperative to have in-store supplies that are printed with your logo. It’s the same reason fast food restaurants have customized labels on napkins, to-go cups and paper bags – it’s a classic and effective advertising technique.

Frozen yogurt companies simply adopted this strategy as a marketing fundamental, showing that successful branding initiatives are a catalyst for business growth.

The froyo industry didn’t do anything new; they simply perfected the age-old strategy of out-of-home advertising. The frozen yogurt craze shows that branding is a slow process, but one that starts with purchasing custom frozen yogurt cups wholesale from places like Your Brand Cafe.

If you too work in a restaurant or even own a new froyo store, then custom printing should be high on your list of priorities. Get the custom branded supplies you need for your Yogurt Shops online with Your Brand Café!

March 03, 2015

The Power of the Cup

Why is it that some restaurants are destined for success while others are relegated to a slow demise? We see it happen everyday – our favorite restaurants close their doors and hang the dismal “out of business” sign out front, only for another restaurant to sprout in its place.

The dining industry is a world of cutthroat competition and unpredictable sales. It’s incredibly difficult for a young restaurant to carve out a stake in the market and capture the hearts (and stomachs) of local eaters.

Still, as restaurant-goers, we can tell when an establishment does it right. With a single visit, you can almost predict if a restaurant is destined for failure or success. It only takes that one initial visit for a customer to decide if they’re coming back or not.

Some dining experiences simply feel complete – the staff, the food, and the atmosphere work together like a fine-tuned machine, each complementing the customer’s overall experience.

This is what separates the good restaurants from the average. The business that can provide the most complete experience from top to bottom is the one that is going to stay afloat.

In the restaurant industry, we tend to devote too much of our focus on the big things like having a great menu, a great location, or a great concept. We often neglect some of the small, minute details that are the foundation of a successful brand.

Let’s imagine a local, independent coffee shop called Jenny’s Java. It’s in a great location, offers a tasty selection of espressos and cappuccinos, and has a staff of talented baristas. Is this enough to compete with behemoth coffee shops like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts? The answer is probably not.

Simply having great coffee isn’t going to cut it. Today’s businesses need to stand out from the rest, attracting both new and returning customers on a daily basis, by creating a popular and recognizable brand. In order to outpace your biggest competitors, you need a way to remind people why your company deserves their business.

So, let’s return to Jenny’s hypothetical coffee shop. What steps is she taking to build a powerful, exciting brand?

Like most other businesses, Jenny hired a graphic designer to create a distinctive logo and then contracted an outdoor signage company to put the logo on the front of her store. She decorated the interior, hired and excellent staff, and bought the nicest espresso equipment on the market.

Now, this might sound like the start of a successful coffee franchise, but Jenny has made an enormous misstep in her company’s marketing strategy.

For every cup of coffee that she sells, the caffeinated beverage is poured into an unlabeled, white cup with an unappealing black lid and cardboard sleeve. Even though her product tastes great, it looks like customers are drinking coffee from a local gas station instead of Jenny’s Java.

When customers sip on their morning coffee, they should be reminded of the great store that sold it to them and, more importantly, show others where they just made a purchase. With the simple addition of Jenny’s logo onto each cup, her store has suddenly jump started an advertising campaign that will keep business booming.

Case in point, anyone can make coffee, but only one person can make your coffee. The only way to distinguish a cup of Starbucks from a cup of Folgers is the cup that holds it. A cup isn’t just an apparatus for drinking – it’s a unique reflection of the person holding the drink and the brand they are choosing.

So, by branding a cup with your company’s logo, customers are walking testimonials for your product. Someone will casually ask where they purchased the beverage and suddenly your own customers are advertising for you.

How can your business continue to get the word out? Of course, they can turn to newspaper advertisements and local coupon books to lure new customers, but those steps should only be taken after perfecting your in-store brand – that means brandishing your restaurant (and its products) with your distinctive logo.

Brand recognition is a slow process, but it all starts with displaying your logo wherever possible. The ultimate goal is that when people desire a specific product they think of your company instead of a competitor. You think coffee, you choose Starbucks. You think hamburger, you go to McDonald’s.

All of these branding powerhouses started off in square one – publishing their logos and slogans on napkins and cups and straw wrappers.

Your business logo on cups is a powerful tool when it’s a pervasive symbol around town. On your coworker’s desk, in the center console of a friend’s car, or even sitting atop a trash can, the world should be a canvas for your brand.

It might sound too good to be true, because it is. Branding is the most important part of a growing business and the key to capturing an audience. Neither of those things is possible without a supply of personalized cups to deliver a complete experience to your customers.

July 21, 2014

Does Branding Makes Cents?

Does branding make “cents” for a small business such as an independent coffee shop? This is a question that many coffee shop owners often ask. Many are afraid of the cost of café branding and just decide to instead focus on making good cups of “joes” and other specialty drinks. They buy generic coffee cups and sleeves. They often buy their coffee at wholesale from nearby roasters with the supplier’s logo and information clearly marked on the bag. They purchased good quality but not well known syrups and sauces. These coffee shop and café owners decide to cut costs and try to make the top margin from each item sold. Typically these types of operations will have a short life span. Sooner or later, we will most likely see a sign that says "out of business".

Why does this happen? The coffee shop made a great drink but the sales just never happened. Must have been a bad location or do the people in their community not drink gourmet coffee? Granted location and demographics can definitely effect this business type; but I wonder if there was not another more sinister reason for coffee shop failures. The essential factor in running a successful coffee shop or café is often branding. Let’s look at StarBucks for a moment. Do you think a consumer would pay the same amount for a beverage served in a generic cup as they would one from StarBucks? Would you pay the same for a new shirt that was not branded compared to a name like Ralph Lauren? The answer is that branding a restaurant portrays quality and value. A cup of coffee from a name we know is always perceived as a better cup of coffee.

When people find your coffee shop and buy a cup of coffee, what does the cup say about you and your business? A generic cup lets people know that their friend bought a cup of coffee from somewhere. However if he or she has a branded cup let us say from Steamers Coffee it creates a great conversation piece. First, people can see others carry a cup with your logo and message. Next, people will ask about the coffee shop. Then they will want to go there themselves. This create instant branding, and yes, demand for your offerings.

As your brand gets stronger, the better you will be able to sell retail products. This will include coffee with your logo plus many other logo items. T-shirts, Caps, and Mugs can also start adding value and revenue to your business.

Using quality products pays: When consumers see other branded syrups and sauces such as Monin and Ghiradelli they instantly know what to expect. Having these top consumer brands will set you apart from the generic coffee shops down the street.

Now let’s fast forward. After a few years of being in the coffee business you now decide to sell. Would buyers be more interested in a well branded local business that stands out and is not so connected to any one person or perhaps just buying Craig’s coffee shop? One will always more likely to be able to sell at top dollar a well branded business compared to one is often referred to as a "Mom and Pop".

Does Branding Cost lots of Money? The answer is “No” especially not for a coffee shop. Make sure you buy the best store front sign you can afford and have a decent logo with an accompanying tag line! Next for literally just a few cents one can have a custom logo printed cup and a custom printed java jacket. Therefore customers will perceive a higher value of your beverage and then you turn them into instant billboards showing your brand off to the community. Plus as your brand grows selling logo enhanced products will enable your business to grow additionally in revenue and exposure.

So investing in brand development can be referred to as “planting seeds” for your small business future.