Are You Ready For Festival Season?

Your business logo is a powerful tool when it has a pervasive and consistent presence. You use it in your print ads, digital ads, and social media campaigns. It is on signs, t-shirts, and stickers. But have you considered that as a craft brewer you have a unique advertising tool right in the palm of your hand?

Your cup.

By presenting your specialty beer in a cup featuring your logo, you are doing more than promoting your company – you are proving to your customers that you are proud of the product you serve. The simple addition of your logo onto each cup for festivals gives you the ability to jump-start an advertising campaign that will keep business booming. With branding comes confidence and the knowledge that you are serious about providing the very best to your customers.

The summer and fall are full of outdoor activities, sporting events and festivals – all places that glass just can’t go - so use these occasions to brand your brew. The best way to advertise cost effectively is through word of mouth and what better way to get the conversation going than with your branded product circulating through events and festivals.

We have all been in the position of starting out and not knowing exactly how to create that key element of brand recognition. Of knowing how to differentiate yourself from the other guys. Brand recognition is what separates you from the competition – it’s the reason customers choose your brand over anyone else. So make sure they know who you are. When your customers take that first sip of your brew they should be reminded of the brewery that sold it to them and, more importantly, show others where they just made a purchase. 

Let us help you put your product to work with all the festival supplies you need!

Ashley McKinney
Ashley McKinney