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Eco-Friendly Hot Lids

For the brands that emphasize eco-friendly business practices, these eco-friendly hot cup lids are the perfect option for serving fresh coffee and tea. Made from bio-based materials such as corn, these lids offer the same strength and security of premier plastic lids with the added advantage of being compostable.


Eco-Friendly Hot Lids

White Ingeo Compostable Lid for 8oz Paper Hot Cups


White Ingeo Compostable Lid for 10-24oz Paper Hot Cups


Each lid boasts a tight fit around the cup rim that prevents messy leaks and allows for easy drinking through the sipper slot. This drinking slot will also eliminate the need for straws, which can help save money in your inventory budget. These lids also provide excellent insulation that keeps drinks fresh for your customers long after they’ve left your store. Get low minimums and fast shipping with every order!

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