If you are running a business, you most likely have access to clean water. Sometimes we take things like this for granted, but the reality is that millions of people around the world are not able to access clean drinking water as easily. The team here at Your Brand Cafe aims to make a difference in that, and with charity: water, we can!  We are sponsoring a $10,000 water project through charity: water to bring drinkable, clean water to communities in need! This money will go towards creating an appropriate solution for the region so they can get the most efficient well or aquifer to provide for the village! A portion of all purchases (yes, all of them) will be used toward this goal, and with your help, we KNOW we can do it! The best part is, once the money is raised, we will be kept abreast of all the updates regarding the project which we will share with you when we have them. Your generosity will be rewarded with smiles and the satisfaction of helping people live happier lives! 

However, we can’t do this alone! If you would like to donate more money to the cause, please visit and give what you can! There are a lot of people in this world that really need the help, and your money would be going toward a worthwhile cause! Our motto here at Your Brand Cafe is to “Brand Bold,” because we want to make an impact on our industry and in the lives of other people by helping them achieve a better quality of life. By donating and supporting this project, we feel that this impact would be the boldest move we could possibly make and we want you to share in the goodness! Donate today and help spread some happiness worldwide!