Eco Friendly Products


Your Brand Cafe is proud to announce the official launch of our Eco-Friendly product line. Hot cups from 8oz to 16oz, white sipper dome lids for hot cups, cold cups from 12oz to 20oz, flat and dome lids for cold cups, and food containers in three sizes will be available. To give you an insight as to what we mean by Eco-Friendly, we want to tell you a little bit about each new product.

Our Eco hot cups are made from a white, durable, PLA-lined paper. They are completely biodegradable and are compostable in commercial compost bins. You can top those hot cups with our Eco sipper dome lids, which are made of bio-based materials and can be composted in industrial facilities.

Our Eco cold cups are made from heavy weight, transparent, corn-based PLA plastic. They are fully compostable with a 30-45 day breakdown in a controlled composting environment. They are also freezer-safe and allergen-free. To go with those cold cups, you’ll have the option of choosing between an Eco dome lid or a flat lid, which are also made from PLA plastic. 

In addition to our Eco cups, we will be offering food containers in three varying sizes. The food containers are a perfect alternative to styrofoam and are made from Bagasse, which is derived from sugar cane fibers that are left over after the extraction of the sugar. These containers will not emit any toxic fumes in the microwave and are BPI-Certified as compostable and biodegradable.

We hope you find our Eco Friendly cups as exciting and forward-thinking as we do. Thank you for working towards a cleaner environment and for ordering products that will keep our planet green for our future generations!