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Portion Cups and Lids

If your customers love extra sauces or condiments with their meal, then our portion cups are a must-have for your brand. With a conveniently-sized 2 oz plastic design, you can serve up the perfect amount of ketchup, mustard, special sauces, and more! Add the matching lid to make these condiment containers ready for takeout and delivery!

Portion Cups and Lids

2oz Portion Cups


2oz Portion Cup Lid

2oz Portion Cup Lids


With quality plastic used in every portion cup, you don’t have to worry about cracks or leaks on the side or on the bottom. Every matching lid locks comfortably into place to prevent messy spills in food containers. After the meal is over, these portion cups are recyclable, making for easy disposal and cleanup. Order your portion cups today!