In the food service industry, competition is both intense and abundant. Not only are you going to find yourself up against other locally owned businesses in your community, but you’re also battling the nationally recognized brands that have been established for years. Rather than burning through your budget with expensive advertisements, you can choose to make every customer interaction count with your own custom disposable cups!

From printed clear plastic cups and custom white paper cups to eco-friendly alternatives, we have a wide variety of custom disposable cups that can be customized to boldly promote your brand like never before. Plus, their recyclable and eco-friendly materials make for a safe and easy cleanup. Check out our comprehensive selection of items available for cup printing below and order new cups for your next event today!

Disposable Cups


Custom Plastic Cups

PET Plastic Cold Cups

There’s nothing quite like an ice cold refreshment to quench your thirst after work, or offer relief on a hot summer day. With our selection of custom disposable plastic cups, you can serve anything from iced tea and coffee to lemonade and smoothies. Best of all, the crystal clear plastic is perfect for showing off your company logo over the appetizing colors of your cold beverages. If you need an affordable and creative new way to market products or your brand, custom disposable plastic cups will give your brand the boost in recognition it needs!

Custom Compostable Cups

Eco PLA Cold Cups

Our PLA cup alternatives offer the same great quality of our plastic drinking cups in eco-friendly designs. Made from renewable resources like sugar cane and corn starch, these custom compostable plastic cups are strong, flexible, and compostable after usage. Not only are they terrific for advertising your brand, they’re also the perfect solution for eco-conscious businesses.

Be sure to stock up on matching lids for your custom compostable cups! Our selection includes dome lids, flat lids, and sipper lids that are also made from the same compostable PLA plastic.

Custom Paper Cold Cups

Paper Cold Cups

If you’re looking to reduce plastic usage in your business, our custom paper cold cups are the ideal choice. For one, these disposable cups provide a great blank canvas for showcasing your brand through custom designs or logos. In addition to boosting brand recognition, custom paper cold cups can also improve customer experience by providing a comfortable grip for drinks and an interior that prevents leakage. So the next time you serve cold beverages at your business, consider the benefits of custom paper cold cups for both environmental sustainability and effective branding.


Custom Double Wall Coffee Cups

Double Wall Paper Hot Cups

When it comes to hot drinks on the go, nothing beats this trusty cup. Custom double wall coffee cups not only work to keep your beverage hot for longer, but they also provide added protection from spills and burns. These custom disposable coffee cups also serve as an effective marketing tool. With the opportunity for full color custom printing on the outer wall, custom double wall coffee cups have become popular choices for businesses looking to promote their brand. Whether it’s a logo or a catchy phrase, these cups offer a unique way to put your brand in front of customers and potential clients.

Custom Paper Cups

Single Wall Paper Hot Cups

For coffee shops, restaurants, and nearly any other business, custom paper cups are some of the most effective marketing tools money can buy. When serving guests, meeting clients, and anything in between, a well-designed custom disposable cup can leave a strong impression and have people considering your business regularly in the future. Start building your brand by customizing your own custom paper cups today.

Our custom paper cups offer a comfortable grip and reliable interior lining that makes every cup leak-proof. In addition, the exterior of the cup is smooth, easy to handle, and perfect for full color printing of logos, custom artwork, and even photo quality images. You can even print incredible full wrap prints that are sure to catch everyone’s eye!

Custom Compostable Coffee Cups

Eco Paper Hot Cups

Many businesses still choose to use foam cups when serving coffee to customers and guests. However, styrofoam features harmful chemical byproducts that can potentially leech into the liquid. After usage, they take hundreds of years to break down and can leech those same chemicals into the environment.

Our custom compostable coffee cups give businesses an ideal eco-friendly alternative. Made with PLA lining – which is made from renewable resources like sugar cane – these custom disposable coffee cups are safely compostable after usage. They also provide quality protection from heat and can be paired with our selection of matching lids. From hot chocolate and coffee to hot tea and warm cider, these eco-friendly hot cups can handle it all!


What material is used to make disposable cups?

There are several materials used to make our selection of disposable cups. Our disposable hot cups are made with poly-lined paper to prevent leaks. Our plastic cups, on the other hand, are made using two different materials: PET and PLA. PET plastic is a durable and flexible material that is one of the most commonly used in the world, while the bulk of PLA plastic is made from renewable materials like corn starch.

What size disposable cup do I need?

If you’re running a coffee shop or restaurant, it’s wise to have a wide variety of disposable drink cup sizes. We recommend using anything from 8oz cups – which are great for beverage samples and espressos – to 32oz cups. Despite 32oz drink cups sounding like potential overkill, customer sales numbers indicate that consumers are not shy about getting the largest drinks that cafes and restaurants have to offer.


Custom Food Cups

Food Bowls

If you’re looking for a unique way to showcase your food for special events or branded promotions, custom food cups may be the answer. Not only do they provide a more eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic or foam containers, but they can also serve as a colorful canvas for your brand’s logo or messaging. Additionally, they create a more intimate dining experience as they provide increased heat retention and make it easier for customers to hold and eat their food on the go. So go ahead and show off your creativity with custom food cups at your next event. Your customers are sure to appreciate the personalized touch!

Cup Printing

Looking for a trustworthy and reliable company that specializes in cup printing? Look no further! Our production capabilities are unbeatable in the industry, allowing us to design every customizable product to our customers’ exact specifications. But what sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to including our customers in the design process, ensuring that every cup printed is just right. And if you have any questions or concerns about our products or designs, our stellar customer service team is always available to address them promptly. So why settle for mediocrity when you can have the best? Choose us for all your cup printing needs and experience the difference for yourself!


Why is there a disposable cup shortage?

The clearest cause of the disposable cup shortage is continued supply chain issues as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, other factors have made the shortage more severe, such as the increased demand for carryout business and domestic paper mill labor shortages.

Are disposable cups safe?

Disposable cups are typically safer because of their materials. Unlike ceramics and glass drinkware, paper and plastic cups are lightweight and won’t shatter, which can create harmful hazards. Paper cups can also be thrown away safely, whereas glass and other heavier materials make for unsafe and wasteful garbage.

What is the benefit of disposable cups?

Disposable coffee cups have several distinct benefits. For one, they are decidedly cheaper to customize and order than glassware and ceramic drinkware. They are also typically safer to use in business and restaurant settings, as they are lightweight and do not cause breaking hazards like glassware. Most importantly, custom disposable coffee cups are easy and convenient to take on the go.

Are disposable cups better for the environment?

Many of the disposable cups we offer are, in fact, better for the environment than styrofoam and other cup materials. For example, PET plastic is the most recycled plastic in the world, and it is regularly reused and repurposed after disposal. It also requires much less energy and fewer natural resources during production than other plastics.

We also offer PLA cups – both paper and plastic designs – that are safely compostable after use. Because PLA is a bioplastic, it can break down quickly and safely in commercial composting. As an additional product option, you can also incorporate our line of cup carriers into your inventory. These products are made from materials like molded fiber and cardboard, which are recyclable and able to be repurposed after use.

Are paper cups hygienic?

Paper cups definitively help to promote good hygiene. In fact, one of the first disposable paper cups to be mass-produced was created as a safety precaution to prevent the spread of germs.

Is it safe to reuse disposable plastic cups?
No, it is actually not safe to reuse disposable plastic cups. In fact, the very purpose of disposable cups – dating all the way back to their inception in the early 20th century – has been to prevent the spread of germs. While you could technically wash disposable plastic cups, it is much safer and more efficient to simply recycle them after usage.