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Printed Food Cups

Whenever your customers have that “wow” moment during a delicious meal, your brand’s colors and logo should be front and center to accompany it. Now you can create those moments consistently with your own custom printed food cups! The white exterior of these printed food cups will accentuate your artwork and highlight the unique spirit and polished professionalism of your business. They’re also perfect for hot or cold foods, making them a versatile and convenient alternative to plastic bowls.

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Custom Printed Disposable Food Cups

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Our printed disposable food cups are designed using direct printing, allowing you to create three-color imprints of any company logos or imagery you want to be brought to life. Made of double poly-lined paper, these custom disposable food cups are durable and leak-resistant, and our selection of matching lids will fit securely to ensure the contents stay fresh. Order as little as one case of your own customized disposable food cups today!

Because we serve such a diverse customer base – from someone opening their very first coffee shop to an experienced team operating a chain of restaurants – we have prioritized making our services as versatile as possible. While we pride ourselves on our low order minimums, we also offer large volume printing to help those in need of much higher order quantities.

For our customers, large volume printing consists of any custom printed cup or sleeve orders that total thirty cases per product and size. Typically, large quantity custom printed orders will be produced and shipped to you within 10 – 12 weeks and require a 50% deposit at the time of order. Along with discounts that come with large volume printing, there are also distinct design advantages to consider. Most notably, large volume orders allow you to explore unique design options such as full color printing and full wrap artwork that covers the entirety of your printed food cups. These perks can help you create disposable tableware that captures everyone’s attention and leaves an unforgettable impression.
For more information on large volume printing and how it may work for your business, visit the large volume page under the resources tab!


Blank Paper Cups for Hot & Cold Food

Paper food cups offer a fantastic method for serving your best hot or cold meals. Whether serving hot soup, salad, or cold desserts, every cup will comfortably contain any liquids, prevent leaks and spills, and ensure you don’t have to worry about cleanup afterward. With their paper design, they’re also perfect for recycling, making them great for reducing environmental waste. Conveniently shop blank paper food cups today at YBC Supply. Combined with matching flat or dome lids, these disposable food cups will help you deliver meals like soup neatly and safely to every takeout customer.


Large Volume Custom Dessert Cups

At Your Brand Cafe, we offer full-color, full-wrap printing capabilities on our large volume custom food and dessert cups, which allows you to customize your cups with any design or branding you desire. Our cups also feature a poly-lined interior, which can easily hold any type of hot food or dessert without leaking, and tightly rolled rims that secure our matching lids for safe and enjoyable eating. Additionally, the smooth exterior provides insulation against colder temperatures, making them ideal custom paper ice cream cups.

Custom Ice Cream Cups

If you’re planning an event or promotion and want to make sure your food stands out, custom ice cream cups are a great option. Not only do they look great, but they’re also better for the environment than disposable plastic or foam containers. Plus, they provide a unique opportunity to showcase your brand logo or messaging in a creative and fun way. And let’s not forget about the practical benefits too – custom ice cream cups make it easier for guests to eat on the go. So why not add a personalized touch to your next event with custom ice cream cups? Your guests will appreciate the extra effort and creativity.

Custom Paper Soup Cups

Have you ever wanted to bring a touch of personality to your food packaging? Well, custom paper soup cups are the way to do just that! With their eco-friendly design and customizable capabilities, they’re perfect for events or promotional branding. Not only do they make for more intimate dining with their added heat retention, but they also make eating on the go a breeze. Swap out those boring plastic or foam containers for eye-catching custom paper soup cups that are sure to show off your creative side. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand’s logo or messaging on a colorful yet functional canvas. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will printed paper food cups hold soup?

Printed paper food cups are great for holding soup. With double poly lined paper, they offer excellent insulation and prevent leaks and spills through the bottom of the bowl, helping people enjoy a clean and tidy meal.

Will printed paper food cups hold soup?

Printed paper food cups are great for holding soup. With double poly lined paper, they offer excellent insulation and prevent leaks and spills through the bottom of the bowl, helping people enjoy a clean and tidy meal.

Are styrofoam bowls good for soup?

Styrofoam bowls work well for soup, but there are environmental concerns with using styrofoam bowls or styrofoam packaging. Not only does the material take a long period of time to break down, it can often leach harmful byproducts when it does. As an alternative, paper food cups are far better for the environment and great at containing soup and other hot foods.

What is the best material for soup bowls?

Poly lined paper food cups offer the best combination of eco-friendly materials and reliability. Not only are they safer for the environment after being thrown out, they also offer much better insulation than plastic bowls.

Are disposable food cups microwave safe?

Yes, disposable paper food cups are microwave safe. Along with being microwave safe, they are also safe for refrigerator storage, which helps patrons save their meals for later after dining in or ordering takeout.

How long does it take for paper food cups to decompose?

Disposable paper food cups take no more than a few months to decompose. Keep in mind, this also depends upon the method in which they are thrown away. They are also safely recyclable, helping them be repurposed for later usage.

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Products That Give Back

One dollar from every case of custom printed disposable cups you buy, as well as five dollars from every case of holiday designs, is donated directly to charity:water to support clean water projects around the world.