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Safety Seals

Carryout and delivery services have become an essential part of succeeding in the foodservice industry. As more people continue to enjoy takeout services, they will want to be sure that restaurants have their health and safety in mind. Your business can ensure the quality and dedication to customer safety by placing safety seals on every takeout order. Customized in full color and featuring your company logo, every seal will let your customers know of your commitment to your customers.


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Safety Seals

Safety Seals for Bags

3″ Custom Printed Safety Seals


Safety Seals for Containers

7″ Custom Printed Food Container Safety Seals


These safety seals all use a firm adhesive that provides security to every grocery bag or food container. If the meal has been opened prior to the customer receiving it, they will clearly know by the broken seal. Furthermore, when customers do receive their order, the stickers are simple and easy to remove for their convenience. Get creative with your own custom text or different art designs to personalize your messages to your loyal customers!

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