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3″ Custom Printed Safety Seals

Sold individually, minimum order of 100

There’s something to be said about knowing a meal has been safely and diligently prepared. When you’re delivering takeout orders to your customers, bring that reassurance straight to their front door with custom printed safety seals! Our seals are color printed, can be customized with text, and feature quality adhesive that will keep delivery bags sealed securely.

Carryout Bags sold separately

Price Per Seal
100 – 400
$0.0801 each
500 – 999
$0.0753 each
1000 – 4999
$0.0680 each
5000 – 9999 $0.0595 each
10000 + $0.0553 each
Step 1  How do you want to provide artwork?

    Includes a one-time $25 setup fee

    Vector files such as .ai or .eps are recommended. High-resolution PSD, PDF, JPEG, and PNG files are acceptable. Word, PowerPoint, and photographed artwork will be not accepted.

    • (max file size 800 MB)
    • $

    Vector files only - .ai, .eps, .pdf

    • (max file size 800 MB)

    Vector files only - .ai, .eps, .pdf

    • (max file size 800 MB)

    Solid Coated Pantone Colors Only

    • $
    • $
    • $
    • $

    Vector files only - .ai, .eps, .pdf

    • (max file size 800 MB) $
Step 2  How many would you like to order?
Carryout Safety Seals

This product is printed using CMYK:

CMYK or “Full Color” is a 4 color printing process where Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks are combined in different amounts to achieve millions of color variations. CMYK allows for a limitless amount of color which makes it the best option if your logo includes gradients, shadows, color transitions, or a photograph.

Full Color Printing

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24oz PET Clear Cold Cups

Applying safety seals has never been easier! These stickers are quick and easy to place on any takeout order. While each 3” safety seal will stick securely to your delivery bags, they are also easily removable for your customers when it’s time to eat. Customize your stickers with your own brand message to leave a good impression with every customer.

9oz PET Clear Cold Cups
9oz PET Clear Cold Cups
9oz PET Clear Cold Cups


Weight .004 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .01 in

3" x 3" Circle


Custom printed full color on paper label stock.


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Tips For Print - CMYK

Vector logos are recommended for the best quality print. Vector allows us to scale the art to best fit the product and will prevent any unintended loss of clarity or quality in the printing. Please submit your logo as a vector file in one of the following formats: .AI, .EPS, or .PDF.

Rasterized images such as photographs (.jpg, or .png) must be 300 dpi.

Providing a Pantone color is recommended but not required. Pantone Colors provided for CMYK printed products will be converted to CMYK at no extra charge.

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Your Brand Cafe and Charity:water

Your Brand Cafe is sponsoring a water project to bring drinkable, clean water to those in need. One dollar from every custom printed case goes directly to charity:water!

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