Your brand should be more than just a drink. Even though the flavors of your dark roasted coffee beans might speak for themselves, you want your brand to tell a story that resonates with your customers.

That’s where the coffee cup comes in. You might not have paid much attention to it at first. After all, it’s only the vessel that transports that beautifully rich taste and warm aroma to your customer’s mouth and nose. They wouldn’t be looking for more than that, right?

That’s until you consider the fact that a bland coffee cup might be a big reason that your customers don’t enjoy your coffee to the fullest. In fact, the cup could make the drink taste even better. This statement isn’t based on opinion alone. Some scientific studies have even discovered a link between a coffee’s flavor and the cup that it’s transported in.
Be it a hot espresso or a creamy latte, we here at Your Brand Cafe recognize the importance of finding the best cup that pairs with your signature drinks. Without further ado, here are the key business advantages of why you should include fancy custom coffee cups at your shop.
Have you ever bought a product on Amazon in part because of its gorgeous packaging? You can’t help yourself but tremble in excitement as you carefully unwrap the lace and puncture through the intricate wrapping. Sometimes buying can be a whole experience!
That’s what the power of a cup can do for your coffee as well. It can transform your drinks from a simple morning routine to an immersive experience that triggers all of their senses, including the feel, style, and sound of the cup’s high-quality materials.

Perhaps most importantly of all, it can serve an important business function. All custom printed cups are a form of advertising, which is a crucial part of any marketing strategy toward a higher cash flow and customer base.

You know how you can instantly recognize a Nike or Instagram logo from anywhere, even without the words directly there? That’s the power of high brand recognition which comes with a logo that customers notice anytime they see it. In other words, it’s free advertising.

All it takes is the initial investment to create a beautiful logo design that you then add to your custom mugs and cups. It serves as that memorable first impression that intrigues people, invites them in for a discussion, and is worthy of being flaunted on people’s social media. It’s like a paid ad all on its own! It’s also important to note that 78% of consumers believe that logos are works of art. However, for a logo to truly stick in someone’s mind, they’ll need around 5-7 impressions before they recognize it wherever they go.

The sooner you can create your custom cups, the more those customers will feel like they’re doing more than just purchasing a drink. It can convert them to loyal customers and make them feel incredibly connected with your brand. Plus, it offers the chance for you to get creative with the design and vibe that you want your business to embody.
An Elevated Experience
There’s something so intriguing that comes from drinking out of an aesthetically pleasing cup. Perhaps you feel more confident, more entranced, and even empowered to spend more.
This feeling that you might not be able to put to words is actually scientifically founded upon. It carefully considers all the nuances and effects that a coffee cup can have, such as its materials, how narrow the base is, and what the texture feels like.

Did you know that subjects of a test tended to associate narrower mugs with greater aromatics, shorter cups with bitter and intense flavors, and wider cups with sweeter tastes? This perceived ability can directly affect how your drinks taste, even if the real taste isn’t actually what’s being described. How so?

Well, think about how the tilt angle of the cup can have an effect on the aroma. Think about how the flavor might be impacted from the heat retention, durability, liquid surface area, and temperature stability.
Probably never considered those factors before, have you? Taking them all into account can seriously help create that elevated experience for your customer.
What also can serve as a huge business advantage is the upscaling of your brand to make it feel luxurious. By using fancy cups, customers will feel that your product has a higher value and won’t hesitate to pay a pretty penny. They’ll also not only lock down your current customers but entice and attract a fancier clientele. That can justify you to raise your prices and earn more revenue. Before you know it, your brand will become known for its high-end coffee in the local area.
As you go about designing cups, explore around with the typography, the color palette you like, and go for an elegant yet simple look.
It’s a trend to be environmentally conscious. Your brand can play a big part in this by offering reusable cups. You’ll be able to save money by being able to lower your bulk purchases of disposable cups and your customers will appreciate that the brand cares about the environment.

Get Repeat Business
If you’ve ever felt tired about advertising costs that have never proved effective or felt uncertain about how you could create a better drinking experience, focus on the potential of your own branded coffee cup. We’ve helped numerous small coffee shops and restaurants like yours elevate their business recognition. By helping them boost their brand visibility through superior custom disposable coffee cups, apparel, coasters, and much more, they were able to strengthen their identity. Let us help you do the same!

Drew Thomas

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