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Disposable Cup & Bowl Lids

When your customers stop in for a quick coffee or iced drink, the cup isn’t just for sipping—it’s free marketing! Our plastic cup lids ensure your brand gets recognized no matter where your customers head after ordering takeout. Whether you serve hot or cold drinks or need lids for food containers, we provide a range of durable, eco-friendly cup lids and container lids to satisfy your needs and help promote your brand.

Clear Plastic Lids

Eco PLA Cold Cups

Your custom printed cups aren’t complete without a secure lid. Choose from clear PET plastic straw lids, strawless sipping lids, flat lids, or domed lids—whatever fits your drink selection. Our durable cup lids resist cracking and fit any size custom cup between 8 and 32 ounces. They’re also 100% recyclable, so you can feel good about protecting the environment with every order. Don’t forget to offer your customers a way to reduce waste with our eco-friendly lids made from PLA plastic! Non-toxic and fully compostable after use, our eco-friendly cup lids make a great addition for environmentally-conscious businesses.

Lids for Paper Hot Cups

Eco PLA Cold Cups

Perfect for hot drinks to go, our fully recyclable sipper lids for hot cups help to insulate your beverages while preventing burns from harmful spills. Our lids feature crack-resistant durability made from quality propylene plastic that locks in freshness and prevents leaks. Sourced from the Reliance brand, we bring you the best quality lids the industry has to offer. Be sure to also check out our fully compostable, eco-friendly hot lids for paper cups! Designed for easy sipping, our eco-friendly lids offer lasting durability on the go and market your brand with a greener image.

Lids for Paper Cold Cups

Eco PLA Cold Cups

When it comes time for takeout, let your customers continue promoting your brand for you. Our flat lids for paper cups keep drinks spill-free and fit securely on your custom-branded cups between 12 and 32 ounces. They stack neatly on shelves and make storage and inventory easy. Customers can recycle our flat lids for paper cups once they finish their beverage. Match your lids with our inventory of straws for even more carryout convenience!

Lids for Paper Food Bowls

Eco PLA Cold Cups

Whether you have a restaurant or a food truck, Your Brand Cafe®’s premium plastic lids for food containers ensure all of your to-go orders stay deliciously fresh during carryout. Customers can recycle them as well, making them easily disposable after use. With convenient pull tabs for easy opening, our flat lids make great covers for storing apps and sides in 4-16 oz containers. Try our clear plastic domed lids for delicious desserts or any dish that needs extra room and leave your customers tantalized to dig in!


How do I choose cup lids that fit my cups?

Cup lid sizes vary depending on the cup size, specifically the diameter of the cup rim. To get a secure fit and a water-tight seal, shop for cup lids that fall within the range of appropriate sizings.

For example, if you’re serving 16 oz cups for your coffee, choose our lids that fit a range of 12-24 oz cups. The size range may be broad, but they’re designed to fit all sizes in between, so don’t worry! If you’re serving a 9 oz cup and 9 oz cup lids are available, then those are the surest option. Also be sure to consider whether you need clear plastic lids with center straw holes or plastic hot cup lids with one hole for sipping.

What material is best for cup lids?

PET plastic is crack-resistant and attaches securely to cups for both hot and cold beverages to prevent spills and leaks. If you want a more environmentally friendly cup lid, go for PLA plastic lids that are 100% recyclable. Both PET and PLA plastic are safe for hot beverages: these durable lids won’t melt or warp!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t paper cups get soggy?

Our paper cups feature heavy-duty construction made from double-poly lined paper. This premium quality design offers strength and durability that resists leaks and tears while being completely disposable and affordable. Your Brand Cafe®’s selection includes paper cups that work well for both cold and hot drinks.

Is it better to use paper or disposable cups?

Choosing between paper cups and disposable cups depends on what you’re using them for. Compostable paper hot cups, for example, make an ideal choice for serving hot beverages. On the other hand, disposable cups made from recyclable PET plastic are a great option solely for cold drinks. Fortunately, both types of cup lids by Your Brand Cafe® are safe for the environment.