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Disposable Paper Products

Welcome to our collection of disposable paper products! Discover an array of sustainable options, including paper hot cups (including compostable cups), paper cold cups, food bowls, coffee sleeves, paper carryout packaging (containers, shopping bags, pizza boxes), and napkins. From eco-friendly solutions to enhance your hot and cold beverage service to convenient and stylish carryout options, our products are designed to meet your business needs. Explore our range of disposable paper products today and make a sustainable choice for your business.

Paper Cups

Eco PLA Cold Cups

Whether you're serving piping hot coffee or refreshing cold beverages, our cups are designed to deliver exceptional quality and sustainability. Choose from our range of paper hot cups - including compostable eco-friendly options - for reliable enjoyment of your favorite hot beverages. For chilled drinks, our paper cold cups offer comfort and excellent leak-resistant interior lining. Upgrade your beverage service with our paper cups and make a positive impact while satisfying your customers' thirst.

Paper Bowls

Eco PLA Cold Cups

Get versatile blank paper food bowls to satisfy your eatery's foodservice needs. Made with robust, tightly-wrapped paper, these food bowls are ideal for serving both hot and cold dishes, like salads, soups, and ice cream. Choose from our variety of sizes and amounts to suit the specific needs of your business. These food bowls can even contain the messiest of foods without any leaks or spills. Plus, with excellent pricing and swift shipping, you can keep your restaurant running smoothly without breaking the bank.

Coffee Sleeves

Eco PLA Cold Cups

Our blank coffee sleeves help enhance your customers' beverage experience in a versatile way. Applicable for both our plastic and paper cups, our sleeves offer a protective layer for fingertips and are fashioned from high-quality, comfortable materials suitable for cold and hot beverages. We offer blank coffee sleeves in both kraft and white paper options, as well as in dimpled or corrugated designs. With our bulk pricing options, you can retrieve the quantity you require to keep your coffee shop well-stocked and ready to deliver a great experience for customers.

Paper Carryout Packaging

Eco PLA Cold Cups

Elevate your carryout experience with our versatile paper carryout packaging collection. From takeout containers to shopping bags, pastry bags to food-safe paper, and pizza boxes, our range of products ensures that your to-go orders are handled with care and style. Explore our paper carryout packaging selection and elevate your brand's presentation and sustainability efforts today.

Paper Accessories

Eco PLA Cold Cups

Make sure your establishment stays clean and tidy with our cheap and effective napkin supplies. Our 2-ply napkins are a great product for both customers and employees of your business. Use them to clean counters in your store and add them to your customers’ carryout orders for easy cleanup after their favorite meals.

Restaurant Paper Supplies

If you’re looking for restaurant paper supplies, you’re in the right place! Our collection of disposable paper products includes an array of sustainable options, from compostable hot cups to paper carryout packaging. We understand that running a business means meeting the needs of your customers while also reducing your environmental impact. That’s why we offer a variety of convenient and stylish options to choose from, whether you’re looking to enhance your beverage service or provide takeout options for your customers. So why wait? Explore our range of restaurant paper supplies today and make a choice that’s good for your business and the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are coffee cup sleeves recyclable?

Coffee cup sleeves are made from paperboard, which is a safely recyclable material. In addition, their thin composition makes them even easier to recycle than food packaging and other uses of paper.

Are disposable bowls microwave safe?

Yes, disposable paper bowls are microwave safe. Along with being microwave safe, they are also safe for refrigerator storage, which helps patrons save their meals for later after dining in or ordering takeout.