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Paper Cold Cups

Cold Disposable Paper Cups

Paper Cold Cups

Our paper cold cups are terrific for serving iced beverages in quick serve restaurants, as well as other businesses in the food and beverage industry. Available in a range of sizes, these cold paper cups sport reliable leak-proof quality and rolled rim lids for a secure lid fit as an essential part of your inventory, especially for those in need of last minute supplies. With fast shipping and bulk ordering options, these paper cups are perfect for businesses looking for restaurant supplies for all kinds of events.

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Cold Drink Paper Cup

When it comes to serving up cold beverages, a cold drink paper cup is the perfect addition to any quick serve restaurant or food and beverage business. With a reliable leak-proof quality and secure rolled rim lids, you can trust that our cups will keep your drinks fresh and secure. Available in a range of sizes, you can tailor your inventory to suit your specific needs. And with fast shipping and bulk ordering options, you’ll always have plenty of cups on hand for any event. Don’t let a shortage of supplies slow you down – stock up on our cold drink paper cups today and keep your business moving smoothly!

Cold Paper Cups

If you’re in the food and beverage industry, you know how important it is to have reliable and sturdy serving cups for your iced beverages. That’s where our cold paper cups come in. Not only are they available in a range of sizes, but they’re also leak-proof and come with rolled rim lids for a secure fit. They’re the perfect solution for those last-minute inventory needs or for businesses looking to stock up in advance.
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