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Carryout Supplies & Accessories

As carryout and delivery orders become increasingly popular, high-quality carryout supplies are essential to food service success. From sturdy carryout boxes and convenient bags to cup carriers and straws, our selection ensures that your customers’ orders are securely transported. In addition, we offer an array of practical accessories such as stir sticks, plastic utensil packs, napkins, and deli paper, providing everything you need to enhance the dining experience. Explore our high-quality products and discover the perfect solutions to meet your business’s carryout and accessory needs.

Take Out Boxes

Eco PLA Cold Cups

Our selection of food containers provide a cost-effective and reliable way to meet your carryout needs. With these containers, you can ensure that your customers' meals are transported securely and conveniently. They come with locking lids that enhance the security of the food and offer ample interior space to accommodate cutlery accessories and condiments. With blank carryout containers, you can focus on providing a satisfying experience to your customers every time they’re craving a satisfying meal at home.

Carryout Bags

Eco PLA Cold Cups

Whether you require pastry bags, paper grocery bags, or white plastic shopping bags, we offer a diverse selection to meet the needs of your carryout business. With designs featuring comfortable handles, ample interior space, and durable paper that won’t rip or tear, our carryout bags provide a practical and stylish solution for delivering your popular offerings with convenience and safety. These bags are designed to facilitate the smooth operation of your carryout services, ensuring that your customers and employees can easily transport carryout orders.

Cup Carriers

Eco PLA Cold Cups

Whether your customers are on their way to the office or meeting up with a group of friends, our selection of cup carriers makes large coffee runs easy. Made from 100% recyclable fiber, our molded cup carriers allow secure handling for up to four hot beverages between 8oz and 20oz, as well as four cold beverages between 12oz and 24oz. The conformed recess in the middle of the carrier also makes it convenient to hold creamers and sugar packets. With our cardboard cup carrier, customers can transport multiple coffee cups with the added security of a sturdy handle. The handle cup carrier also collapses into a flat, foldable form making it easy to store with your other carryout products.

Plastic Straws

Eco PLA Cold Cups

Make sipping easy for your customers with high-quality flexible plastic straws made from polypropylene. Your customers will enjoy every last sip without the straw fraying or losing its shape. With jumbo sizes up to 12mm in width available, they accommodate thick smoothies, milkshakes, or drinks with boba pearls without clogging. For the modern-day coffee shop owner making a move away from plastic, our eco-friendly straws - made from compostable CPLA - remain the best option for environmental sustainability as well as dependable sturdiness that won’t let your customers down.

Food Service Accessories

Eco PLA Cold Cups

In addition to our wide range of carryout supplies, we also offer a comprehensive line of accessories to complement your carryout business. Our accessories collection includes essential items such as stir sticks for beverages, plastic utensil packs, napkins, and even deli paper. These accessories are thoughtfully designed to enhance the convenience of your carryout services, and can provide your customers with everything they need to enjoy their favorite meals cleanly and effortlessly.


What are the best materials for coffee shop accessories?

Recyclable paper or cardboard is the best material for coffee shop supplies like coffee cup carriers and napkins. For coffee stir sticks, choose a thin, flexible, natural wood like birchwood.

How do coffee shops get their supplies?

Coffee shops get their supplies in a number of ways, including online retailers, local distributors, and wholesale suppliers. YBC Supply™ brings your coffee shop everything it needs in one place with the convenience of bulk orders and direct delivery services without having to worry about licensing fees or ongoing contracts with wholesale distributors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you stock in a coffee station?

Coffee stations stock supplies like sugar, cream, syrup, and flavorings that customers need to prepare their coffee the way they want it. Some items found in a coffee station also include staples like utensils, napkins, coffee stir sticks, and straws.

Can you warm up to-go boxes?

It depends on the materials used, but Your Brand Cafe® offers food containers that are microwave safe. Both our bagasse containers and paper to-go boxes are safe to store in the refrigerator and won’t leach harmful chemicals after being heated in the microwave.