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Plastic Utensils

Ensure your customers have everything they need to enjoy your finest meals and snacks with our selection of plastic utensils. Our range of plastic cutlery offers comprehensive utensil packs, which include napkins and condiments. Each utensil pack also conveniently fits into any food container, helping you equip your customers for their favorite carryout meals. Moreover, the plastic utensils are entirely recyclable, facilitating effortless cleanup and sparing your customers the hassle of washing dishes. For a greener alternative, our fiber utensils are made from eco-friendly materials that are biodegradable.

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  • Smart White Utensil Kit

    250 pieces / case $14.50 Shop Now
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  • Black Utensil Kit - Medium

    Smart Black Utensil Kit

    250 pieces / case $12.60 Shop Now
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