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Paper Shopping Bags

Paper Shopping Bags

Paper Shopping Bags

Our collection of paper shopping bags and grocery sacks is designed to provide both convenience and sustainability for your customers’ shopping experiences. Crafted from high-quality paper, these bags offer durability and strength to securely hold delivery orders, takeout meals, and various other items. With reinforced handles, brown paper shopping bags ensure comfortable and reliable carrying, even with heavier loads. These eco-friendly bags are an excellent alternative to plastic, as they are recyclable and minimize environmental impact. Available in a range of sizes, they cater to diverse needs, accommodating everything from small purchases to bulk carryout orders. Prioritize sustainability and customer satisfaction with our thoughtfully designed collection of paper carryout bags and grocery sacks, the perfect choice for your business.

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  • 4lb Kraft Paper Shopping Bags

    500 pieces / case $22.03 Shop Now
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  • 12lb Kraft Grocery Bag

    12lb Kraft Paper Shopping Bags

    500 pieces / case $36.94 Shop Now
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  • 12lb White Grocery Bag

    12lb White Paper Shopping Bags

    500 pieces / case $54.73 Shop Now
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  • White Paper Shopping Bags with Handle

    250 pieces / case $56.64 Shop Now
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  • Kraft Paper Shopping Bags with Handle

    300 pieces / case $48.97 Shop Now
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Paper Shopping Bags & Grocery Sacks

Presenting our premium collection of paper shopping bags and grocery sacks, where durability meets sustainability! Designed meticulously with your business in mind, these sturdy bags are the perfect companion for cafes and restaurants looking to enhance their customer experience with a nod to environmental responsibility.

Superior Strength and Quality

Crafted from high-quality paper, our bags are built to last. Whether it’s a hearty meal from your café or a medley of goods from your restaurant, rest assured that they’ll hold up to the task with unwavering strength. Wave goodbye to mishaps and hello to a seamless carryout experience.

Reinforced Comfort Handles

Say no more to uncomfortable grips or broken handles. Our paper bags come with reinforced handles that can effortlessly manage heavier loads, providing your customers with a comfortable carry — because we know that every detail counts in making a positive impression.

The Eco-Friendly Choice

Join us on the green path as we march towards sustainability. Environment-friendly and fully recyclable, these paper bags offer a guilt-free alternative to plastic. By choosing our paper carryout solutions, you’re making an impact — one bag at a time.

Versatility for All Needs

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our range includes a variety of sizes to cater to the full spectrum of your offerings. For small pastries or large takeout orders, we have multiple size options for your needs.

Aligned with your commitment to excellent service and environmental stewardship, our paper bags are more than just a product — they’re a statement. Warmly welcome your customers to be part of this sustainable movement with every purchase they make. 🌱

Together, we can create memorable experiences for your patrons while taking meaningful steps towards a greener future. Elevate your brand, underscore your reliability, and provide unwavering support with our collection of paper shopping bags and grocery sacks.

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