Carryout businesses provide a much-needed service to customers around the world, bringing them delicious food on the go. Though most people sing the praises of carryout restaurants, even the most delicious food in the world won’t reach an audience if your business doesn’t have the proper marketing. Let’s explore how you can market your business and increase your revenue.

The Importance of Marketing Your Carryout Business

In today’s world, the average consumer is faced with a constant influx of marketing ads, which means that companies that don’t actively market their offerings are already behind the curve. Competitors in every industry are working hard to catch the attention of your audience, which means you need your own marketing strategy to match. Fortunately, carryout businesses have several unique ways to reach out to their audience.
Custom Safety Seal on White Take-Out Container

Ways to Market Your Carryout

To reach a wider audience, you need a way to get in front of them. There are plenty of popular methods, like using ads, but carryout businesses can get exceptionally creative with their marketing strategies. These powerful methods can help you to get in front of your audience in a fun and engaging way.

Offer Branded Cups

Branded disposable cups are one exceptionally easy way to meet your audience through your current customers. Every time someone purchases a drink from your establishment, there is a very good chance that they will take it with them—especially if you exclusively offer carryout. This means that every drink purchase is a branding opportunity. By placing your logo on custom cups with lids, you automatically ensure that anyone who sees that cup will also see your brand.
Branded Disposable Cups

Share Your Story Online

Online spaces are the base for all modern marketing. The majority of people use the internet in some variety every single day, which gives you the opportunity to get in front of them. By sharing content online that tells more people about your business, you increase the likelihood that your business will reach people, especially on popular platforms, like Instagram. This cost-free marketing is a great step for small businesses.

Expand How You Accept Orders

Sometimes the best marketing is convenience. When someone is looking for takeout services that accommodate their preferred ordering method and payment method of choice, it can make it much easier to choose your business if you meet those needs.

People often look for terms like “takeout” or “online orders” when they are searching for local food options. More importantly, prominent sites, like Yelp, highlight these options. Making it convenient to order and pay for your food can have a huge impact. In fact, 45% of consumers say that when companies offer mobile ordering, it encourages them to use these services more frequently, which can bring you more repeat customers.

Provide Excellent Presentation

We live in an Instagram-fueled world, and there are few things that people love sharing more than their food. When your food looks great, you can almost guarantee free marketing. People are more likely to post online about your food, and a lot of the time, they will tag your establishment when they do—alerting their followers to just how amazing your food is.

Join a Food Delivery Platform

A food delivery and online ordering platform can get you right in front of your target audience, even if you run a very small business. These platforms can offer great food delivery marketing ideas by ensuring that your menu looks great, your business can be found, and your customers can sing your praises in a shared public space. These are all great for increasing visibility and driving sales with food delivery for small businesses.

Make a Special Takeout Menu

Social media marketing can yield some really exceptional results, and it is even more effective when you let your customers do it for you. Giving your customers the opportunity to receive discounts or freebies for being vocal about your brand on social media is a really effective way to market using word-of-mouth advertising in a modern way.
Take Out Containers

Offer High-Quality Takeout Containers

A business’ take out containers can tell customers a lot about the quality that they offer. Every customer knows the struggle of grappling with a to go box that is simply not up to the challenge. Poorly made clamshell containers can leak, show grease stains, and ruin the food inside of them. People notice this, and when they do, they are less likely to choose your brand. On the other hand, when someone receives takeout from a coworker, a friend, or a relative, and it comes in great packaging, they are more likely to try it again.
Custom Safety Seals on Take Out Containers

Protect Customers with Branded Safety Seals

Custom safety seals are a modern essential for takeout, especially if you plan to offer delivery through a third-party service. Your customers want to know that their food is safe and untouched, and carryout seals can offer incredible peace of mind. More importantly, they offer another amazing branding opportunity that can help your brand to be more visible in public spaces. While some companies do use basic seals, creating original designs that show off your brand can be a wonderful opportunity to catch someone’s attention and promote your brand. Your Brand Cafe even offers the option to bundle safety seals at a discount when purchasing them with takeout containers!

The Takeaway

More people are turning to takeout options when they eat out, and that means that carryout businesses have a lot to gain from effective marketing strategies. The marketing world is evolving in so many ways that there is always a new opportunity to share your brand with the people around you. While ads can offer a beneficial boost in traffic, it is important to remember that simply getting in front of your audience can make all the difference—and there are plenty of ways to get started!

Your Brand Cafe offers plenty of assistance when it comes to branding your carryout essentials. From custom printed plastic cups to high quality takeout containers, Your Brand Cafe can turn your carryout business into a strength for 2022 and beyond!

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