Due to the COVID pandemic, we’ve seen a remarkable shift in the world of business. Remote work has become essential as companies have experimented with new operating strategies. With the success of remote work, it’s a method that will likely stick around for the foreseeable future.
Restaurants and cafes have the unique benefit of being friendly for remote workers across all types of industries. For the owners of coffee shops, this gives them the opportunity to attract remote workers to their establishments.

Why Remote Work Matters

Besides the fact that remote work is convenient for employees, most of them simply prefer it! 91% of people are more productive working remotely. More production means that businesses will perform better, which is a win-win for employees and companies. Remote work is also more environmentally-friendly than working because it gets rid of long commutes to the workplace. Meanwhile, costs are going down because of less transactions in the office space.
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Hopefully, vaccines and better defenses against the pandemic will continue leading to more relaxed rules for people in public places. More people will feel comfortable going out in public now that it is safer, but remote work options will likely remain intact to please employees. As somebody who owns a coffee shop, it’s up to you to adapt with business trends. Your coffee shop could be a golden spot for remote workers who are looking for a place to set-up shop for the day.

Have Great Wi-Fi and Outlets

The first step you can take in your coffee business is offering a quality workplace for remote workers. Not only are coffee shops known as places where people socialize, but also where they can be productive. Giving remote workers a productive place to work is pretty straight-forward. Invest in strong, reliable wi-fi that can support your full customer capacity.
Remote workers can’t afford to have their wi-fi signal cut during important Zoom meetings and collaborative projects.
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They are also burning through laptop and phone batteries, likely multitasking throughout their day. You can place electrical outlets near tables and chairs for easy plug-ins and charges. They won’t have to shift around to find an outlet, which is disruptive towards production.

Sure, remote workers could work from home, but many people grow tired of the environment! Give them a strong remote working setup so they actually prefer to work from your coffee shop rather than at home.

Breakfast and Lunch Options

As you tailor your cafe towards remote workers, you’ll have to adapt to their schedule as well. Having breakfast and lunch options are going to be phenomenal ways of bringing in sales. A benefit of working remotely is the option of eating when you feel like it. Starbucks found success by offering all kinds of food options both on the light side (snacks) and with full meals.

Once remote workers lock themselves in for the day, they will want to buy from you. You might even get customers that make several purchases every day. 

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Another great idea you can execute is making your breakfast, lunch, and coffee options easy to order. Coffee shops are implementing point of sale (POS) systems for remote workers. So what exactly is a POS system?
They allow customers to order from the comfort of their phone or laptop through your business website or app. Provide them with a digital menu where they could place an order and even pay for food items. This reduces any employee errors or confusion so customers don’t have to wait around twice. Remote-workers prefer self-checkout options such as POS systems because they can pay from their seat and pick up their breakfast or lunch whenever they want!


It’s easy to overlook how important the atmosphere is for a cafe. Part of defining your brand includes creating a desirable atmosphere. Remote workers prefer a productive place where they can concentrate for hours. You can make your atmosphere whatever you’d like! It can be upbeat and energetic or laid back and cozy. The latter, however, may be suitable for remote workers.

Opt for Dim Lights

Lights say alot about the atmosphere of a cafe. Dimmer lights simulate a more calm environment with less noise. A less-bright scenery slows down commotion in a remote workplace which is ideal for workers. It’s also a nice switch up from working in bright office lights!


Having a clean place to work is important to remote-workers who rely on bringing their own materials. Nobody wants to stay put in an unclean environment all day long. In between customer trips, keep an eye out for dirty tables and floors. Most of the time, a quick wipe-down of the working area makes a huge difference. It’s much more welcoming when remote workers can sit down in a clean, organized working space.


Even though scent isn’t directly related to productivity, it’s still alluring to customers. Scents such as vanilla and pine combined with freshly brewed coffee is a big draw. While people work, they will notice their surroundings. Seeing others enjoy their coffees and meals while taking in a fantastic scent entices people to join in! Wonderful aromas ensure that your coffee business is appealing to all of the five senses of customers.

Comfortable Furniture

As coffee shops prepare for remote workers, modernizing your business is always important. This means focusing on cozy furniture that is better suited for customers who treat your cafe like a home. Your decorations should be part of the many unique marketing ideas with which you experiment. For example, try getting a mix of furnished options such as dining chairs, comfy, armchairs, automans, and even small couches.

Placement is also key. Dining tables and chairs are great to put near the center of your cafe. People that sit here usually don’t mind action and the sounds of baristas calling names for orders. They simply want to take a seat while they wait for their order, or want to eat quickly and leave.
On the edges and corners of your coffee shop, place your cozy pieces of furniture which are more attractive options for remote workers. The outside of your shop is likely where your outlets are for quick plug-ins. The corners are also great for comfy couches and foot rests because they go perfectly with windows and pleasing views away from distractions and noise.

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