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Paper Cold Lids

If your customers like to take your cold refreshments on-the-go, then our cold cup lids can help them do just that. Our flat lids for white paper cold cups are an essential item for any restaurant, bar, or food vendor. Not only will they reduce spills, they will also help your custom printed cold cups spread awareness for your brand throughout your community and beyond.


Paper Cold Lids

Flat Lids for 12oz to 22oz White Paper Cold Cups


Flat Lids for 32oz White Paper Cold Cups


Every cold cup lid is made from extra strong PET plastic, making them reliable and convenient for customers. They’ll also clasp securely onto rolled cup rims, stack neatly on your shelves, and are recyclable when customers are through with them. Match these lids with any of our available straws and take advantage of low order minimums as well as lightning-fast shipping times!

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