With the summer just around the corner, it’s a time for enjoying nice weather and outdoor activities. Visiting food trucks is becoming a popular option for people who are opting for a less traditional way of eating out. Over the last few years, the food truck industry has skyrocketed past 300% growth with billions of dollars in revenue. The demand is growing for food trucks that offer customers unique food items and convenience. It’s a refreshing new way of grabbing a bite to eat.

Why are Food Trucks the Latest Trend?

Mobile cuisines are giving people value like we’ve never seen before. Not to mention, food trucks aren’t simply a fad that will die out anytime soon. But why are food trucks trending in the right direction? Here are a few ideas.

Food trucks are authentic. They are small businesses that aren’t anything like a franchised restaurant or corporation. These meals on wheels businesses sell directly to their customers, which makes for meaningful interactions. We are also seeing food trucks promote organic food choices. Each food truck has their own unique menu and many of them are including these kinds of options.

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The convenience is also a major benefit of food trucks. While we faced limitations eating indoors over the past year, food trucks set up shop in parking lots and public parking areas. It’s much easier to make a stop at a food truck than it is to sit down at a restaurant in 2021. No reservations are required and the prices are generally fair.

Even if high-demand food trucks are lining up with customers, they serve food quickly and handle orders fast. Customers have the option of hanging around or simply grabbing food and going on their way.

Successful Food Truck Setups Across the Country

The success of food trucks across the country is based on a number of reasons. Food trucks have the ability to easily form a partnership with other businesses and events. It’s even trendy for weddings to book a private food truck service for their events. Other public outings such as music festivals and charity events are quick to partner up with a food truck since it’s easier than supplying food on their own.

The food truck partnerships are mutually beneficial because they are an attractive option for many customers. For example, Connecticut has seen a big surge in breweries over the last few years. While many breweries choose to serve just beverages rather than food, it’s not a limitation. This is because breweries in Connecticut are partnering up with food trucks everywhere.

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It’s a simple process for breweries and food trucks. The food trucks use their parking lot (which has a large volume of customers) and supply food to brewery customers. The brewery gets to focus on doing what they do best (making beer) while the food trucks benefit from the extra business. It’s a win-win partnership.

Successful Technology Trends

The food truck industry is taking advantage of wildly popular technology trends to market themselves, particularly on social media. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram give users the ability to tag exactly where their geographic location is within a post. The personable approach food trucks use will make it easy for customers to post content. Customers are taking pictures of the menu, cuisines, and the food truck itself (which is usually branded anyway).
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Snapchat is also an effective tool for food trucks. Snapchat also has geographic capabilities that help pinpoint exactly where the mobile food spot is located. Businesses could pay Snapchat to create a custom geotag filter. When Snap users take a picture or video, Snapchat offers a bunch of filters they could use to personalize their content even more.
For example, a customer walking down the street could take a snap and browse through the filters. They might discover a uniquely branded filter for a food truck business that lets people know a food truck is in the area. Snapchat users can quickly search for the name or location associated with the geotag filter and check out the food service for themselves nearby.
Since 39 percent of millennials have already used technology to order food, it’s a no brainer for food trucks. They use technology trends to both increase exposure, and create a convenient ordering process for new customers.

How Companies Can Bring their Brand Beyond Brick and Mortar to Food Trucks

While small businesses are thriving from the food truck trend, there are hoops you have to jump through to start. For companies looking to bring their brand beyond brick and mortar to food trucks, these are some challenges to keep in mind.

Regulations: There are lots of regulations that potentially slow the rapid growth of food trucks. Brick and mortar businesses need to look into a seller’s permit, health department certification, truck permits, inspections, and liability insurance.

Upfront Costs: Besides just getting a truck and serving food, costs upfront could add up quickly. The cost of inspections, licenses, and permits could rack up tens of thousands of dollars in the U.S.

Active Inventory: With limited space, you’ll have to plan for minimal food storage. This means you have to be accurate when ordering your inventory while restaurants in traditional buildings have the space for extra.

Weather Planning: Since you rely on the benefits of the outdoors, you have to account for bad weather too. Less people will want to wait in line during a steady rainfall. Make sure you plan your inventory accordingly with the weather forecast!

Food trucks are rapidly growing and offer customers value that a traditional restaurant can’t. They are authentic with food choices that attract younger generations, while the overall convenience they provide is something that everybody can get behind.
We are seeing successful food truck partnerships across the country and they take advantage of technology trends. Even though food trucks do face challenges, the demand continues to rise. They don’t seem to be going anywhere in the near future. If you see a food truck on the street, feel free to give it a try and see what all the hype is about for yourself.
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