Coffee shops aren’t just where you grab your morning caffeine fix anymore—they’ve turned into way more than that! More and more people come to visit coffee shops as they are now social hubs and lifestyle spaces. As coffee shop owners, you’re not just selling coffee but curating an experience for your coffee shop business. Consider expanding your product inventory beyond the typical coffee offerings to enhance that experience and boost your coffee shop profit. We’ll explore five unique must-have products to sell in a coffee shop that can elevate your coffee shop’s appeal from other coffee shops. Promoting your coffee shop should go beyond the cup, and introducing these innovative products to your coffee shop menu can redefine your establishment.


Packaged Snacks: Elevate the Coffee Break Experience

Coffee and snacks go hand in hand, and providing unique and curated packaged snacks can enhance the overall customer experience. Consider sourcing artisanal snacks and locally made treats or creating your own signature snacks. This allows customers to explore new flavors while enjoying their coffee, creating a memorable and satisfying break.

Sourcing artisanal snacks or creating your signature line adds an element of uniqueness and exclusivity to your coffee shop. Customers seeking a break from the ordinary will appreciate exploring new flavors and indulging in high-quality snacks alongside their favorite gourmet coffee, which your coffee fans will want to experience. This curated approach enhances their overall experience and positions your coffee shop as a destination for those looking to savor a delightful blend of quality coffee and culinary delights, like unique breakfast sandwiches that go with locally packaged snacks and a specialty coffee drink.

To further amplify this experience, consider incorporating custom coffee shop merchandise into your snacks. Designing branded tote bags offers customers a practical and stylish way to carry their snacks and other items they may have gotten from your coffee shop. Beyond the functional aspect, these branded accessories become walking advertisements, promoting your coffee shop wherever they go. This strategy reinforces your brand identity and provides patrons with a tangible and reusable connection to the exceptional coffee and snacks they’ve come to love at your establishment. You can even partner with some artists and add exclusive local art onto the tote bag for an even more engaging experience.

Including unique and curated packaged snacks in your coffee shop is more than just a culinary choice; it’s a strategic move to elevate the entire coffee break experience. Coffee and snacks have an inherent symbiosis, and by offering a selection of artisanal treats and locally sourced delights or even introducing your signature snack line, you transform routine coffee breaks into memorable and satisfying moments for your customers. Make a bundled approach with your snacks by offering your customers a chance to get an exclusive branded tote bag with these packaged snacks and specialty drinks. This will show your coffee shops offer more than just coffee but a place to enjoy their brew with some good treats.


Bottled Kombucha: A Trendy Twist to Refreshment

As health-conscious consumers continue seeking alternatives to sugary sodas and traditional beverages, kombucha has become a popular choice. Capitalize on this trend by offering bottled kombucha in various flavors. Consider partnering with local kombucha brewers or creating your own signature brew for your coffee menu. Partnering with local kombucha brewers caters to a diverse clientele and positions your coffee shop as a destination for those seeking healthier drink options.

By considering partnerships with local kombucha brewers or creating signature brews, you support local businesses and add an authentic touch to your offerings. Bottled kombucha appeals to a diverse clientele, including those seeking non-coffee options, health enthusiasts, and individuals with dietary restrictions, broadening your customer base. Additionally, this product can transform your coffee shop into a health destination, giving customers a compelling reason to choose your establishment over others and contributing significantly to your overall revenue.

One of the best responses to the growing health and wellness trend is to introduce bottled kombucha to your coffee shop, as it is a strategic move that aligns with the preferences of health-conscious consumers. Beyond its trendiness, the diverse flavor profiles of kombucha cater to a broad spectrum of taste preferences, making it an attractive option for a wide customer base. The beverage’s popularity and association with probiotics contribute to its status as a modern and sought-after choice, positioning your coffee shop as contemporary and in tune with evolving consumer demands.

Adding bottled kombucha is not just about diversifying your menu but strategically positioning your coffee shop as a holistic destination. This health-conscious beverage enhances your appeal, attracts a broader audience, and aligns with consumer trends, making it a must-have product to elevate your coffee shop’s overall success and profitability. Whether you make it or partner with a local kombucha brewer, this product will give your coffee shop a diverse array of drinks that your customers will love.


Clothing Merchandise: Brew Your Brand Image

Transform your coffee shop into a lifestyle brand by selling merchandise to your coffee customers. Designing and selling custom apparel can significantly boost your revenue while strengthening your brand identity. Consider creating T-shirts, hoodies, or even hats that feature your coffee shop’s logo, unique artwork, or catchy slogans. And with Your Brand Cafe, we can help you with any of your custom apparel to help appeal to your customers.

Custom apparel goes beyond mere products; it becomes a walking billboard for your brand. Every person donning your coffee shop’s t-shirt becomes a mobile advertisement, effortlessly promoting your business wherever they go. This reinforces brand visibility and cultivates a sense of community among your customers, as they proudly identify with your coffee shop’s unique style. Elevating your coffee shop into a lifestyle brand involves more than just serving exceptional brews; it will be about creating a unique identity that resonates with your patrons. Introducing clothing merchandise is a must-have strategy to boost revenue and foster a more robust brand connection.

To complement your coffee shop’s transformation into a lifestyle brand, consider expanding your merchandise to include custom apparel and other branded items. Think beyond the wardrobe and explore options like reusable coffee cups, hats, or tote bags. By offering a diverse range of merchandise, you increase your revenue streams and provide your customers with tangible ways to integrate your coffee shop into their daily lives. The key is to create products that seamlessly blend with your brand’s identity and enhance the overall experience, turning your coffee shop into a lifestyle destination for your community. At Your Brand Cafe, we’re here to assist you in seamlessly integrating your brand into every aspect of your customer’s lives with our customizable merchandise solutions.


Cold Brew Growlers: A Must-Have For Many Coffee Shops

Reusable cold brew growlers are one of the best products to sell in a coffee shop, making it a must-have product for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it offers unparalleled convenience for customers who seek a ready supply of cold brew at home or work, eliminating the need for frequent trips to the coffee shop by always having your branded coffee on hand. The customization factor, whether through different flavored options or the ability to add custom syrups, enhances the personalization of the product, fostering creativity and ownership over the coffee experience. Moreover, the economic appeal of cold brew growlers provides customers with a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing individual cups, making it a more budget-friendly option to help maximize profits.

Capitalize on the popularity of cold brew coffee by offering it in reusable growlers. Customers can purchase a large container of cold brew to take home and enjoy throughout the week, making it a big hit for those who don’t always have time to stop by your coffee shop daily. Consider offering different flavored cold brew options, allowing customers to add custom syrups for a personalized touch or seasonal drinks to that lineup.

Beyond customer benefits, there’s a sustainability angle that aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly products. Reusable growlers contribute to a more environmentally conscious approach, and encouraging customers to bring them back for refills reinforces your coffee shop’s commitment to sustainability. Additionally, with your coffee shop’s branding, cold brew growlers act as mobile advertisements, extending your brand’s exposure beyond the physical shop space and potentially attracting potential customers. Lastly, this product taps into the current trend of cold brew popularity, positioning your coffee shop as innovative and in tune with evolving market preferences.

Cold brew growlers offer a convenient, customizable, and eco-friendly solution that meets customer needs, extends your brand’s reach, fosters sustainability, and aligns with prevailing market trends. In embracing the trend towards sustainability and personalized coffee experiences, incorporating cold brew growlers into your product lineup isn’t just a choice; it’s a strategic move that aligns with the evolving preferences of your customers and sets your coffee shop on the path to enduring success.

Coffee-Related Artisanal Products: Extend the Coffee Experience

You can expand your product offerings with artisanal items related to coffee, such as coffee-scented candles, coffee-infused chocolates, coffee-infused hot chocolate, or even coffee-scrub beauty products. These products complement your primary offering and provide a unique retail experience for your customers.

Elevating your coffee shop experience involves more than just serving great coffee; it’s about creating a multi-sensory journey for your customers. Introducing these coffee-related artisanal products adds a unique and memorable dimension to their visit. Somebody can use coffee grounds in exfoliating scrubs as the coffee’s antioxidant properties make it an appealing ingredient for skincare products. Develop a range of items such as coffee-scented candles, soaps, or lip balms, and package them with a coffee-related theme with your brand.

Beyond their appeal as standalone products, coffee-related artisanal items serve as ideal gifts, enhancing their value and contributing to a positive brand association. Embracing these unique products extends your brand identity into new territories, reinforcing your coffee shop as a lifestyle destination. Supporting local artisans through collaborations adds authenticity to your offerings, strengthening community ties and positioning your coffee shop as a hub for unique, high-quality goods.

You can even start bundling offers to help curate a more extensive menu by bundling your coffee beans with your unique coffee-infused skincare product. Or your new branded tote bags with those coffee-scented candles. During the holidays, the best way to get many customers into the holiday spirit is by making those specialty seasonal drinks in your custom holiday cup and offering them exclusive custom holiday merchandise as a special gift for being your customer.

These artisanal products provide an additional retail revenue stream and create ‘Instagrammable’ moments, driving free publicity through social media shares. Integrating coffee-related artisanal products is a strategic move that enhances customer engagement, boosts brand recognition, and transforms your coffee shop into a memorable and cherished destination.


Diversifying your coffee shop’s product offerings beyond the traditional cup of coffee can elevate the overall customer experience and increase revenue. By incorporating unique and thoughtful products, you’re not just selling goods but a lifestyle. Moreover, integrating custom apparel printing into your strategy strengthens your brand identity, engages with customers personally, and creates a memorable and cohesive experience.

Remember that success hinges on knowing your target audience well and staying in the loop with the latest trends. Keep experimenting, stay flexible, and be open to adapting your product lineup to meet the evolving preferences of your customers on products to sell in a coffee shop. Expanding your offerings and incorporating custom apparel will boost your coffee shop’s revenue and create a community that resonates with your brand.

If you want high-quality custom merchandise to help build your brand presence, check our customizable options here. With a wide range of coffee shop products and materials, we can help you create a memorable brand presence that will drive customer loyalty and growth for your business. From special holiday cups to your to-go containers or your branded clothing merchandise, Your Brand Cafe is here to help you every step of the way to get the best products to sell in a coffee shop. Contact us today for more information on how we can help grow your coffee shop with custom apparel ideas and other custom products that will sell.


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