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While simple accessories like plastic drinking straws might seem like an afterthought, they can make a huge difference in how much people can enjoy their beverages. At Your Brand Cafe, we offer a wide range of high quality straws that can make every sip easier for your customers. Most importantly, we provide eco drinking straws – both recyclable and biodegradable – that can help you reduce unnecessary waste and protect the environment.


Plastic Straws

Black Plastic Drinking Straws

Black Plastic Straws


Clear Plastic Drinking Straws

Clear Plastic Straws


For anyone trying to savor a delicious refreshment, there is nothing more frustrating than a straw that gets clogged up. Our selection of plastic straws utilize tough and flexible polypropylene that maintains its shape under stress and makes even the thickest beverages a breeze to drink. Your customers will appreciate every sip even more.

Paper Straws

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White Paper Straws

White Paper Straws


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Kraft Paper Straws

Kraft Paper Straws


If your business has begun shifting away from plastic straws, our paper straws offer a terrific alternative. Don’t let the paper materials fool you; these straws are surprisingly stout and can handle any type of beverage your establishment serves. Unlike plastic straws, these paper counterparts are entirely compostable and completely eliminate the risk of plastic waste in our ecosystems.

Eco-Friendly Straws

Eco Plastic Straws

Eco-Friendly Clear Plastic Straws


In light of the issues they have caused for the environment, plastic straws have become increasingly phased out of use across the globe. If your business wants to reduce its plastic waste, then our eco straws are an excellent alternative. Made from renewable resources, these straws offer superior quality while being safely compostable after their usage.

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