When there’s nothing enticing in the fridge, people will start to turn to their favorite brands for a convenient and delicious meal. Delivery and takeout services are more popular now than ever before, so equip your business with high-quality carryout bags! Our selection of grocery sacks and shopping bags will help your delivery drivers and customers handle even the largest orders.



Kraft Cookie/Pastry Bag


“Thank You” White T-Sack


Kraft Shopper Bag w/ Handle

From: $99.04

72lb Kraft Grocery Bag


12lb White Grocery Bag


12lb Kraft Grocery Bag


4lb Kraft Grocery Bag


Our kraft carryout bags offer quality durability that can handle the weight of several food containers without tearing or splitting. For those who prefer a more specific grip, give the white t-sack or the kraft shopper bag a try! Both of these options provide a comfortable handle for easy transport. In fact, the kraft shopper bag is an easy way to carry multiple grocery sacks at once.

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